10 Reasons Why Drawing Is A Fantastic Hobby!

Is drawing a good hobby?Is drawing a good hobby? Let us say you made it as a hobby, what if you are not good with it? Will all your effort be for nothing? You might be surprised by the benefits of a drawing hobby as some of them can even tap into your soul!

Drawing is a good hobby. It does not only allow you to express yourself through art, but it can also affect your focus, determination, and even outlook in life. You do not need to be good at drawing to reap the benefits. The beauty of a drawing hobby is all you have to do is start.

Have you been feeling that you are stuck in a rut? Probably, you might just need to refocus and add a dash of creativity in your life. In this article, we are going to talk about why drawing is a good hobby as well as the benefits of this hobby. So keep on reading to find out!

Why Drawing Is A Good Hobby: The Reasons

You might be intimidated in getting into this hobby as drawing was somehow associated with people who are artistic and talented. Do not let those thoughts faze you! Drawing is definitely much more than that and it is also not simply putting images on paper.

In fact, drawing is in itself a way of thinking. You can express your emotions through drawing and you will realize that this hobby can bring meaning in the various moments of your life.

Now before we all gather around a circle and sing “Hakuna Matata,” take a look at the following reasons why drawing is a good hobby.

1. Visualization

Drawing can make you realize the different components that make up the world around you. As you go through the hobby of drawing, you will start to look at things individually and not just a whole.

Before, if you look at a tree, you only see its different parts. But later on, while you continue drawing, you will see that there are different ways as to how the trunk goes into the braches, the stems, the leaves, etc.

For others, this visualization can help in bringing out emotions that they cannot express. In turn, these emotions can be turned into something visual, via drawing.is drawing a good hobby for kids?

2. Improve Concentration

In order for you to improve your drawing skills, you need to keep on drawing the same thing until you can draw it in the way that you want it to look like. Definitely, doing so requires focus and the ability to block distractions.

Not only should you focus on drawing, but you should also focus on what you are drawing. This amount of concentration trains your mind to easily focus on certain things.

Along with this, you can also develop a good attention to detail. You will know if something is off in your drawing and this value will also pass on to your everyday life.

3. Enhance Creativity

It is a given (and actually backed up by science) that drawing can enhance your creativity. However simple your drawing is, you were still able to express yourself in a creative way.

As you keep on developing this hobby, you will discover different ways to show your creative side. When applied to your reality, you are now able to solve issues in a simple and more effective way.

4. Body Coordination

If you are someone who has poor hand-eye coordination, then it is best to draw first before you consider improving your coordination through computer gaming. The more that you draw, the more likely that your brain, eyes, and hands will be in tune with each other.

If you keep on practicing, this coordination will just be automatic and it will be easier for you to draw what is on your mind.

5. Brain Development

Drawing can help your brain develop as doing so puts all the parts of your brain at work. The left side is usually for logical thinking and the likes, while the right side is for creativity. By drawing, you put both sides to action.

When your brain is regularly active, it can function better and more efficiently.

6. Analytical Skills

Once you start drawing, you will realize it is not just about randomly drawing lines on paper. You have to pay attention to details and continuously make decisions on where to curve, when to stop, when to draw a line, etc.

The thing is, these decisions are made subconsciously which can help in your decision-making and problem-solving skills. Further, while you are drawing, you are immediately aware of errors, so in the outside world, you are already trained to easily spot these errors just by making drawing as a hobby.

7. Relieve Stress

One of the ways to relieve stress is to let those emotions pour out. For some, it is hard for them to voice out and express their emotions by talking, physical actions, etc. But by drawing, you can easily let those emotions out without the fear of being judged.

As you draw, if you are feeling down, you may feel that you are starting to calm down. Definitely, it is one of the best ways to turn a negative emotion into a positive one.why is drawing such a good hobby?

8. Form Of Meditation

A lot of therapists actually make their patients draw. There is just something so unique and so personal about drawing that can put the mind at ease. Whatever the drawing is, it is a reflection of yourself and what you are currently feeling.

It can also help bring harmony to your scattered thoughts, which is why it is a good form of therapy. When you draw, you are deeply involved with yourself, which can help you sort out the things that are bothering you.

9. Pleasure

Finishing a drawing no matter how good or bad it is, gives you a sense of satisfaction. Immediately after you view your finished work, the emotions in the drawing will wash over you and remind you about the meaning behind it.

As you keep on practicing, you will also find pleasure in the fact that you are getting better at drawing.

10. Communication

If there are days when you find yourself having trouble speaking with other people or even with yourself, drawing can help with that. You do not need any words to express how you feel, you express it with the lines, colors, shading, etc.

Whatever it is that you simply cannot put into words can be done by drawing. The thing about communicating through images is that it is open to interpretation. Other people may see it differently, but only you know the true meaning behind your drawing.

Even though there are different interpretations, the language of the images in the drawing is a universal thing.

Do I Need To Be Good At Drawing To Get The Benefits?

No. As we have mentioned earlier, these benefits can be reaped by simply starting to draw. You do not have to be a master artist before you feel the effects of your drawing hobby.

Even if you drew a dog that looks like a cloud, your creativity, and logical thinking were still used. Therefore, the key to getting the full effect of these benefits is to keep on practicing.

Who knows? After a few days, your drawing of a dog may actually look like a dog. So draw on!

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