Is manga better than comics?

Is Manga Better Than Comics? 5 Differences!

Is manga better than comics? A lot of people tend to lean towards team manga. The reason behind this? A lot of people think that mangas have more thought into them not only with the stories but the drawings as well. Is there any truth to this? Or are they […]

is drawing anime hard?

Why Drawing Anime Is Hard + 3 Tips That Will Help

Anime is a style of art that has somewhat of a bad reputation, especially among art teachers. Many of them discourage their art students from starting off with the style because it’s considered to be too “easy.” But is this actually the case? Is drawing anime actually hard? The short […]

Why is manga black and white?

5 Reasons Why Manga Is Black And White

If you started out with anime and you are itching to read its original content which is the manga, you might be expecting the world of manga to be as colorful as the anime. But then, once you open your newly bought or downloaded manga, you are let down to […]

Why do anime characters have big eyes?

7 Reasons Why Anime Characters Have Such Big Eyes

You might not have noticed that anime characters have big eyes when you always watch animes. But when you pause and look at the facial structure of each anime character, you will see that most of them have eyes that take up almost 60% of their faces. What does this […]

Is Manga better than anime?

Is Manga Better Than Anime? A Closer Look At That

Is manga better than anime? Now, before you roll your sleeves up and get ready for a debate, calm down and let this article sift through your emotions. We know that this topic can be so controversial especially for avid manga and anime fans. But what is really the deal […]

Why do anime characters have crazy hair?

Why Anime Characters Have Crazy Hair – The Truth!

If you recently got into anime, you might be weirded out or even put off by the fact that most of the characters have such crazy hair. Is this intentional? Do anime artists do this to make the characters look more interesting? Are there hidden meanings behind their hair color […]

Are mangakas rich?

Are Mangakas Rich? The Ugly Truth!

Do you dream of being a mangaka? Were you inspired to be one especially when you saw the income of the most famous mangakas? Surely, being a mangaka can be a dream for anyone who loves drawing and has a passion for telling stories. If you make it, you are […]

Why is anime not considered art?

5 Reasons Why Anime Is Not Considered Art

Anime is a form of animation that is hand-drawn and traces its roots in Japan. The name, essentially, means ‘animation’ in Japanese. It has grown in popularity among all age groups across the world, with many aspiring artists attempting to draw anime in order to sharpen their skills. However, there […]

Is drawing anime bad?

5 Reasons Why Drawing Anime is Bad for You

Anime is a popular genre of animation that originated in Japan but has become popular all across the world, especially in the United States. Naturally, since anime shows have many fans, it has resulted in many people attempting to replicate it in their own art. However, as people find when […]