Art Questions

is drawing anime hard?

Why Drawing Anime Is Hard + 3 Tips That Will Help

Anime is a style of art that has somewhat of a bad reputation, especially among art teachers. Many of them discourage their art students from starting off with the style because it’s considered to be too “easy.” But is this actually the case? Is drawing anime actually hard? The short […]

Why is manga black and white?

5 Reasons Why Manga Is Black And White

If you started out with anime and you are itching to read its original content which is the manga, you might be expecting the world of manga to be as colorful as the anime. But then, once you open your newly bought or downloaded manga, you are let down to […]

Are drawing tablets hard to use?

Are Drawing Tablets Hard to Use? Get Used To It Quickly!

Many artists consider drawing tablets to be an essential tool in their collections. You no longer need to worry about purchasing markers, paint, pens, papers, and any of the other tools that you may need. But are drawing tablets all that they’re hyped up to be? Are they really that […]

Does tracing improve your drawing skills?

How Tracing Can Greatly Improve Your Drawing Skills

When you’ve just started out drawing, or even have been drawing for some time, you may wonder if tracing isn’t a faster way of improving your drawing skills. You may even have heard fierce arguments for and against tracing. The answer to the question of whether tracing can improve your […]

Is digital drawing easier than traditional drawing?

Why Digital Drawing Is Easier Than Traditional Drawing

Is digital drawing easier compared to traditional drawing? You might be asking this question as you also want to get into drawing, but you found out that going the traditional route may be a bit inaccessible as well as difficult. So what about digital drawing? Is the difference between the […]

Why do animators use red pencils?

Why Animators Use Red Pencils

In the world of art and creation, some things don’t seem to make sense at first. However, as you learn about certain things more in-depth, everything becomes clearer. One of those questions that people often ask and get surprised by is ‘’Why do animators use red pencils?” Well, the reason […]

How long does it take to get good at drawing?

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Drawing?

Drawing is a skill that many people wish they had. And for those of us who were lucky to be born with a talent and love of drawing, it’s important to make sure that these skills are honed and practiced in order to become better. But many people want a […]

Why is anime not considered art?

5 Reasons Why Anime Is Not Considered Art

Anime is a form of animation that is hand-drawn and traces its roots in Japan. The name, essentially, means ‘animation’ in Japanese. It has grown in popularity among all age groups across the world, with many aspiring artists attempting to draw anime in order to sharpen their skills. However, there […]

Is drawing anime bad?

5 Reasons Why Drawing Anime is Bad for You

Anime is a popular genre of animation that originated in Japan but has become popular all across the world, especially in the United States. Naturally, since anime shows have many fans, it has resulted in many people attempting to replicate it in their own art. However, as people find when […]