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Are drawing tablets compatible with laptops?

Are Drawing Tablets Compatible With Laptops?

If you’re just getting started as a digital artist, you’ve probably heard before how important it is to consider getting a digital tablet. This could make a world of a difference for you as you prepare to enhance your skills as a digital artist. However, there are many people who […]

Is manga better than comics?

Is Manga Better Than Comics? 5 Differences!

Is manga better than comics? A lot of people tend to lean towards team manga. The reason behind this? A lot of people think that mangas have more thought into them not only with the stories but the drawings as well. Is there any truth to this? Or are they […]

Are alcohol based markers allowed on planes?

Are Alcohol-Based Markers Allowed On Planes?

As an artist, it’s imperative to have your equipment with you at all times. Inspiration can hit at any time, and it would be a waste not to have your supplies with you to express it. When traveling, new places, and unique architecture stimulate an artists’ creative mind. Then, ideally, […]

Are Copic Markers Worth It?

Why Copic Markers Are Absolutely Worth It

If you’ve been getting into drawing lately, you’ve probably heard all about Copic markers. Many people claim that these are the best markers on the market, no matter whether you’re a beginner or someone working on quite complex projects. You probably started your art career drawing with typical Crayola markers […]

are drawing tablets with a screen better?

Drawing Tablets – Are Those With A Screen Better?

If you are looking to purchase a drawing tablet, you may have noticed that there are different types on the market, namely ones with and without screens. Of course, drawing tablets with screens might be the more attractive choice, but are drawing tablets with screens really better? Yes. Drawing tablets […]

is drawing anime hard?

Why Drawing Anime Is Hard + 3 Tips That Will Help

Anime is a style of art that has somewhat of a bad reputation, especially among art teachers. Many of them discourage their art students from starting off with the style because it’s considered to be too “easy.” But is this actually the case? Is drawing anime actually hard? The short […]

Why is manga black and white?

5 Reasons Why Manga Is Black And White

If you started out with anime and you are itching to read its original content which is the manga, you might be expecting the world of manga to be as colorful as the anime. But then, once you open your newly bought or downloaded manga, you are let down to […]

Are drawing tablets hard to use?

Are Drawing Tablets Hard to Use? Get Used To It Quickly!

Many artists consider drawing tablets to be an essential tool in their collections. You no longer need to worry about purchasing markers, paint, pens, papers, and any of the other tools that you may need. But are drawing tablets all that they’re hyped up to be? Are they really that […]